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Tale of Andy!

Follow his quest for...whatever he's after!

The Tale of Andy!
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Just pretend a lot of people worked on that picture lol

Alright, here's the deal. I'm bored and I feel like drawing, but I dunno what to draw. Then I suddenly remembered about this Nanowrimo writing contest crap, and somehow put the two together and made this, the "SHITTY 30 DAY WEBCOMIC OF DOOM!TALE OF ANDY" I need YOUR help to finish this comic. YES, YOU! NO, YOU! NO U!

Okay, the rules:
1. You must continue this comic from the last reply posted in this community. If two people post the same reply, then we go for the one who replied first, or the funnier one.
2. Don't spend more than 10-20 minutes making a panel. They can be poorly(but not too poorly) and quickly drawn, yet keep the story going. Draw something that can easily lead up to another panel and wont stump people, while being funny.
3. Try to be funny!
4. DRAWING ONLY! No copying and pasting anything and using that as a reply. That takes the charm out of it.
5. No THE ENDs, this story wont end until everybody gets bored of it and it just dies by itself, and it'll be a cliffhanger ending or something.

The story depends on YOU. This can be either one of the best crappy comics ever, or just pure crap, so please think about it before posting something.

If you need a place to store images, try either imageshack.com or www.photobucket.com
Please resize JPEG/GIF dimensions to at at most 400-500by400-500.